Location: Chart / Kent

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Transaction S25      Æthelberht 5 II, king of Kent, to the minster of Canterbury, SS Peter and Paul 1 (Canterbury, St Augustine's); exchange whereby the minster cedes the half-use of a mill to the royal vill at Wye, Kent, in return for pasture rights in the Weald for its tenant at Chart, Kent
Transaction S155      Cenwulf 3, king of the Mercians, to Canterbury, Christ Church 1; restoration of 30 sulungs (aratra) at Charing, 10 at Seleberhtes cert or Bryning lond (Chart) and 4 at Humbinglond in Barham, Kent, previously seized and redistributed by King Offa to his ministri [Anonymi 1293]
Transaction S1200      Æthelmod 7, dux, to Cynethryth 5, his wife; bequest of land at Chart, Kent. If Osberht 8, his nephew, survive Cynethryth 5 he is to inherit the land.
Transaction S914      King Æthelred 32 to Canterbury, Christ Church 1; refoundation of the monastic community and confirmation of grants by previous kings: land at Eastry, Ickham, Bossington, Adisham, Appledore, Swarling, Preston, Graveney, Westwell, Chart and Farleigh, Kent; at Patching, Sussex; at Meopham and Cooling in West Kent; at Walworth, Surrey; at Risborough, Bucks.; at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; at Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk; and in Thanet.
Transaction S155      Ecgberht 9, king, to Canterbury, Christ Church 1; sale of 30 sulungs (aratra) at Charing, 10 at Seleberhtes cert or Bryning lond (Chart), Kent in return for a recompense of great riches
Transaction S1047      King Edward 15 to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of land at Chartham, Kent, and Walworth, Surrey, and confirmation of land at Sandwich, Eastry, Folkestone, Thanet, Adisham, Ickham, Chartham, Godmersham, Westwell, East Chart, the other Chart, Berwick, Brook, Warehorne, Appledore, Mersham, Orpington, Preston, Meopham, Cooling, Farningham, Hythe, Hollingbourne, Farleigh, Peckham, all in Kent; at Patching and Wootton in Sussex; at Walworth, Merstham, Cheam, and Horsley in Surrey; at Southchurch, Laver, Milton (Hall) in Prittlewell, Lawling in Latchingdon, Bocking, St Osyth and Stisted in Essex; at Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk; at Monks Risborough in Bucks.; and at Newington and Britwell Prior, Oxon..
Transaction S1471      Archbishop Ceolnoth 3 purchased the estate at Chart, Kent, from the thegn Hæletha 1 with his own money. King Æthelwulf 1 then granted him the land by charter as a perpetual inheritance.
Transaction S1471      Æthelric 76 and Archbishop Eadsige 12 agreed that Æthelric 76 should hold Chart for his lifetime and that after his death Eadsige 12 should succeed to it. After the death of them both it was to pass to Christ Church for the souls of the them both and to provide food and clothing for them both. Æthelric 76 presented the title-deeds of this estate to Christ Church during his lifetime as a perpetual gift.
Possession GDB  13v (Kent 9:43) Hugh 25 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 1 virgate in -, Kent (in 1086)