Possession Object: Domesday.Whitton.Suffolk.5 acres

Type:land in Domesday Book
Extent Value:5 acres attributed a value of -- TRE and -- TRW
Description:5 acres in Whitton, Suffolk
Notes:5 acres in Whitton, Suffolk. This property was held by Ælfric TRW. It was worth [value data not specified] TRE, and [value data not specified] TRW.

Domesday Book contains no information about a pre-conquest (TRE) handholder for this property.

In this Hundred the king has 30 [sic] free men with 147.5 acres. The sheriff holds these men in the king's hand.

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Possession LDB  446v (Suffolk 74:13) Ælfric 164 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 5 acres in Whitton, Suffolk (in 1086)