Possession Object: 50 mancuses

Extent Value:50 mancuses

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Transaction S214    Burgred 5, king of the Mercians, and Æthelswith 1, queen, to Wulflaf 7; grant of 5 hides (manentes) at Upthrop, in return for 50 mancuses of gold. The estate was to descend in the male line.
Transaction S354    Alfred 8, king of the Anglo-Saxons, to Denewulf 1, bishop of Winchester, and the church of Winchester, SS Peter and Paul 1; grant of 50 pounds of pure gold and a regrant of the reversion of 50 hides (manentes) at Chisledon, Wilts., and 60 at Hurstbourne Priors, Hants., in exchange for 100 hides at Cholsey, Hagbourne and Bæstlæsford (Basildon), Berks.
Transaction S355    Alfred 8, king of the Anglo-Saxons, to Deormod 2; grant of 5 hides (mansi) at Appleford, Berks., in exchange for land at Harandun (Horn Down near East Hendred, Berks.) and 50 mancuses of gold
Transaction S396    King Æthelstan 18 to Ealdred 25, minister; confirmation of 5 hides (manentes) at Chalgrave and Tebworth, Beds., formerly purchased from Anonymi 1821 (the pagans) for 10 pounds of gold and silver, in return for 50 mancuses of gold
Transaction S752    King Edgar 11 bought the charter for 20 mansiones at Cheam with swine-pastures in the Weald from Edwin 16 for 50 gold mancuses.
Transaction S806    In return for the confirmation of the liberty of Taunton for Winchester Cathedral 1, Bishop Æthelwold 1 gave to King Edgar 200 mancuses of gold and a gold cup weighing 5 pounds and to Queen Ælfthryth 8, 50 mancuses
Transaction S1488    Ceolric 2 from Ælfric 46, archbishop; lease of 7.5 hides at Tew in return for 5 pounds and 50 mancuses
Transaction S1492    Ælfwald 58, bishop to his lord [Æthelred 32]; bequest of 4 horses, 2 saddled, 2 not, 4 shields, 4 spears, 2 helmets, 2 coats of mail along with 50 mancuses of gold and a 64 oar ship
Transaction S1459    Wulfric 61 to his new wife [Anonymous 1058], Archbishop Wulfstan 41's sister; grant of land at Alton in Rock, Worcs., 50 mancuses and 30 horses
Transaction S1526    Theodred 3, bishop of London, to the king [Eadred 16]; bequest of Duxford in Cambs., Illyntone (probably Illington, Norfolk) and Arrington, Cambs., along with his heriot: 200 mancuses of red gold, 2 silver cups, his 4 best horses, his 2 best swords, 4 shields, and 4 spears; and to Eadgifu 4, 50 mancuses of red gold.
Transaction S1515    King Eadred 16 bequeathed 200 mancuses of gold to the archbishop, 120 mancuses to each of his diocesan bishops, 120 mancuses to each of his ealdormen, 80 mancuses to each of his discthegns, hræglthegns, and butlers, 50 mancuses to each of his mass-priests to whom he entrusted his relics and 5 pounds in pence, to each of the other priests 5 pounds, 30 mancuses of gold to each of his stewards, and to every man in priests's orders who had been employed since he had come to the throne, and to each of those in his household. He desired that 12 almsmen be chosen.