Possession Object: Withington.21 manentia

Extent Value:21 manentia

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Transaction S1255    Milred 1, bishop of Worcester, to Æthelburg 7, abbess; lease, for life, of 21 hides (manentia) at Withington, Gloucs., with reversion to the church of Worcester, St Peter's 1.(The land had previously been granted by Oshere, subregulus of the Hwicce, to Dunne 1, famula Dei, and by Dunne 1 to her grand-daughter Hrothwaru 1 (cf. S 1429))
Transaction S1255    Oshere 1, subregulus of the Hwicce, with the consent of Æthelred 2, king of the Mercians, to Dunne 1, famula Dei; grant of 21 hides (manentia) at Withington, Gloucs.
Transaction S1255    Dunne 1, famula Dei, to Hrothwaru 1, her grand-daughter; grant of 21 hides (manentia) at Withington, Gloucs.