Possession Object: Ceolfrith's Bibles

Original Text:tres pandectes nouae translationis
Notes:one of these he took as a present to Rome, see: <-Ceolfrith 4->.trip back to Rome in old age

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Event Bede.HistAb  15 In old age Ceolfrith 1 went back to Rome and gave one copy of the three copies of his new translation of the Bible to someone there [Anonymous 281]
Possession Bede.HistAb  15 Ceolfrith 1 Three copies of the new translation of the Bible
Transaction Bede.HistAb  15 Ceolfrith 1 gave to Monkwearmouth, three copies of the new translation of the Bible, in addition to the old translation which he brought back from Rome.
Transaction Bede.HistAb  15 Two copies of the Bible translation