Possession Object: Winchester.S1443 land south of Wound-church

Original Text:s landes be suan re cirican 7 n slepern .xxiiii. gerda on lange, 7 on brde ar hit bradest is fif gerda 7 r hit unbradost is anne gerde
Description:a certain portion of the land lying south of the Wound-church and the dormintory, measuring 24 rods in length, and in breadth five rods at its broadest part, and 1 rod at its narrowest part
Notes:The probable bounds are mapped by Rumble, 2002, p.55

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Transaction S1443    Bishop Denewulf 1 and the communtity of Winchester 1, to King Edward 2; grant of the Wind-church and the stone dormitory and a portion of land lying south of the church for the foundation of a monastery for the salvation of the king's soul and of that of his father King Alfred 8