Possession Object: 100 pounds

Type:gold and / or silver
Extent Value:100 pounds

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Transaction S1507    King Alfred 8 to [Æthelflæd 4], his eldest daughter; bequest of the residence at Wellow [Somerset or Wilts.], and 100 pounds.
Transaction S1507    King Alfred 8 to [Æthelgifu 4], his middle daughter; bequest of land at Kingsclere and at Candover, and 100 pounds.
Transaction S1507    King Alfred 8 to Ealhswith 1 [his wife]; bequest of land at Lambourn, Wantage, and Edington, and 100 pounds.
Transaction S1515    King Eadred 16 to his people; bequest of 1600 pounds 'to the end that they may redeem themselves from famine and from a heathen army if they need,' and 2000 mancuses were to be 'taken and minted into mancuses'. Canterbury received 400 pounds for the relief of Kent, Surry, Sussex and Berkshire, and one third of the mancuses for the bishoprics; Ælfsige 30, bishop of Winchester, 400 pounds (200 for Hampshire, 100 for Wiltshire, 100 for Dorset), he also received an extra 200 for whichever shire may need it, and one third of the mancuses for the bishoprics; Abbot Dunstan 1 received 200 pounds for the people of Somerset and Devon; Bishop Oscytel 5 received 400 pounds for the Mercians, and one third of the mancuses for the bishoprics; Bishop Wulfhelm 5 received 400 pounds.
Transaction Anon.LiberEliensis  II.4 / LÆ 4 King Edgar 11 to Bishop Æthelwold 1 ; sale of 20 hides within the isle of Ely, the soke of two hundreds within the isle and of five-and-a-half in the province of the East Angles, 5 hides at Melbourn, 3.5 hides at Armingford, and 12 hides at Northwold, in return for 60 hides at Harting, Sussex, 100 pounds, and a gold cross filled with relics. King Edgar 11 made a free-will offering of this cross, along with a gospel-book.
Event Anon.LiberEliensis  II.11 / LÆ 11 Æthelwold 1 and Ealdorman Æthelwine 2, with the shire of Northampton and the most prominent men of the East Angles, held at Wansford a meeting of the 8 hundreds. It was decided that Sifflæd 2, widow of Leofsige 28, and her heirs, ought to pay compensation to God and the bishop, just as Leofsige 28 would have done had he lived. They assessed the amount of damage to the bishop at more than 100 pounds. Sifflæd 2 asked the bishop that she might pay the compensation which was due from her, in addition to what her sons [Anonymi 10028] owed, with the 100 solidi which the bishop had been going to give her for the 2 hides at Downham. The bishop remitted the whole of the damage which had been awarded against her and, in addition, said to her that she could come to Ely within 8 days and collect the 100 solidi from Abbot Beorhtnoth 19. This she did before the witness of 2 hundreds. The bishop also gave her 7 pounds for her corn which was on the land at Downham.