Possession Object: Banwell.30 mansae

Extent Value:30 mansae

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Transaction S825    King Edward 2 to the bishopric of Winchester 1; grant of 100 hides (mansae) at Taunton, Somerset, with 3 appurtenant hides at Cearn (? Charmouth, Dorset) and 2 at Washford, Somerset in exchange for 30 hides at Banwell, Somerset, 20 at Stoce by Shalbourne, Wilts., and 10 at Crowcombe, Somerset
Transaction Bates286    Harold 3 seized 30 hides at Banwell, Avon, from the church of Wells.
Transaction Bates286    Duduc 6, bishop, to Wells; grant of 30 hides at Banwell, Avon.