Possession Object: First Decimation


Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Event S294b    Ęthelwulf 1, king of the West Saxons, to the Church; grant of privileges, with particular mention of lands belonging to the church of Malmesbury at Ellendune (Wroughton), Wilts. (30 hides); Elmhamstede (15 hides); and at Wootton (10 hides), Charlton near Malmesbury (20 hides), Minety (5 hides), and Rodbourne, Wilts. (10 hides). ('First Decimation'.)
Transaction S294    Ęthelwulf 1, king of the West Saxons, to the church at Sherborne 1; grant of privileges ('First Decimation')
Transaction S825    King Ęthelwulf 1 granted a tenth of his lands to the church ('decimation').
Transaction S294a    Ęthelwulf 1 Ęthelwulf 1, king of Wessex, to the Church; general grant of lands and privileges ('First Decimation').