Possession Object: Doulting.20 cassati

Extent Value:20 cassati
Description:Doulting [on the River Sheppey]

Factoid List

Factoid Type Source Reference Primary Person Short Description
Transaction S247    Ine 1, king of the Saxons, to Beorhtwald 6, abbot of Glastonbury; grant of 20 hides (cassati) on the river Sheppey (formerly Doulting), Somerset
Transaction S248    Ine 1, king (of Wessex), to Beorhtwald 5, abbot; grant of 20 hides (cassati) by the river Tone, 20 hides (manentes) by the river Sheppey (formerly Doulting) and 20 hides west of Corscombe (? North Wootton), all in Somerset
Transaction S250    Ine 1, king (of Wessex), to the church at Glastonbury 1; grant of 10 hides at Brent, 10 at Sowy (cf. Middlezoy, Westonzoyland), 20 at Pilton, 20 at Doulting and 1 at Bleadney, Somerset