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Event: Charter-witnessing, Grant and Gift, Property-exchangingS221 - Æthelred 1 and Æthelflæd 4 exchanging with Much Wenlock

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Description Æthelred 1 and Æthelflæd 4, rulers of Mercia, to the community of the church of Much Wenlock; grant of 10 hides (cassatae) at Stanton Long and 3 hides (manentes) at Caughley in Barrow, Salop., in exchange for 3 hides (manentes) at Easthope and 5 at Patton, Salop. They also grant a gold chalice weighing 30 mancuses in honour of Abbess Mildburg 1.
Year 901
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Date from Source 901


The King of Kings reigning, who consists in 3 persons of His holy Godhead, who created angels and souls, heaven and earth, out of nothing, and bodies out of four things, that is out of air and water and land and fire. By the will of this High King the present time will pass and the days fly like… and as the wise Solomon says: 'One generation passeth away and another generation cometh, and those whom I saw I do not see and those whom I see I shall not see, and all things continually hasten to an end. (Ecc., i.4) Therefore we commit letters to paper in ink, in order that those things that we desire may be [preserved] for the avoidance of dangerous dispute of subsequent scandals, lest the things established by the great ones of old should drop out of memory for posterity. These things being so, let us put on record that Æthelred and Æthelflæd, holding by the assisting grace of God the monarchy of the Mercians and governing and defending them in honourable manner, with the consent of the members of the congregation of the church of Wimnicensis [Wenlock] have converted to their lordship 8 hides of land, 3 in East Hope and 5 in Peattingtun, to have and possess in perpetual inheritance, in exchange for the land in Stantun [poss Long Stanton] of 10 hides, which was previously granted away in royal lordship for liberty of that monastery, but which we have again granted with the licence and testimony of all the nobles of the Mercians, under the condition that it shall be under the lordship of the elder of that church and [shall be] for their table, and we have given 3 hides called Cahing-Læg [Caughley in Barrow] for the table of that congregation for ever, which land had been previously granted away for the lives of three men. This aforesaid land, that is in East Hope and Peatingtun, remains written free from the yoke of service of all persons. We have also given a gold chalice weighing 30 mancuses to this [church] for the love of God and for the honour of the venerable virgin… Mildburg the abbess, so that we [sic] may enjoy the possession of this land more securely under this condition that it shall remain for ever the property of this church for as long [as Christianity shall remain] unshattered, except that [it shall be]… under the right of this church for their board, if necessity shall arise. This charter was executed in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 901, in the fourth Indiction… in the city of Scrob [Shrewsbury]. May the triple majesty preserve those preserve it, damn those who injure it. these are the witnesses to the charter ...

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