PASE: Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England


[Image: Excerpt from the Domesday Book]
[Image: Durham Liber Vitae, folio 38r (extract)]


Event: Charter-witnessingS55 - Eanberht 5, Uhtred 2 and Ealdred 5 granting land to Milred 1 and Worcester, St Peter's 1

Scholarly Info
Description Eanberht 5, Uhtred 2 and Ealdred 5, under-kings of the Hwicce, to Milred 1, bishop, and Worcester, St Peter's 1; grant of 30 hides (cassati) at Tredington, Warwicks. (formerly Worcs.), previously held by Tyrdda 1, comes
Year 757
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 757


The witness list is best understood as a two-stage production drawn up first in the Hwiccian region and attested by the Hwiccian subreguli and the bishop of Worcester, and then confirmed at Offa's court.

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