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[Image: Excerpt from the Domesday Book]
[Image: Durham Liber Vitae, folio 38r (extract)]


Event: Charter-witnessing, Property-giving/sellingS164 - confirming Cenwulf 3’s sale of land to Wulfred 6

Scholarly Info
Description Confirmation of sale by King Cenwulf 3 to Archbishop Wulfred 6 of 7 sulungs (aratra) at Barham, Kent, for 30 pounds
Year 810
Primary Source Info
Original Text Hanc predictam donacionem scripserunt satrapes Cantuariorum Anno dominice incarnacionis . dccc o . x o. Indictione . iii . in civitate famosa . quæ antiquo vocabulo Dorovernia dicitur . Eciam eorum nomina subter notatur ascribuntur .
Date from Source 810

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