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[Image: Excerpt from the Domesday Book]
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Event: Charter-witnessing, Property-giving/sellingS166 - Cenwulf 3 selling land to Ræthhun 2

Scholarly Info
Description Cenwulf 3, king of the Mercians, to Ræthhun 2, abbot of Abingdon; grant of 10 hides (manentes) at Longworth, Berks, and 18 hides at Aclea, Northtuna and Punningstoce, with the restitution of 15 hides at Sunningwell, 10 hides at Eaton, 10 hides at Sandforda (probably Dry Sandford), 30 hides at Denchworth and Goosey, land at Culham, 10 hides at Ginge and 10 at Leckhampstead (all Berks, except Culham, Oxon.), in return for 120 pounds and 100 hides (mansiones)
Year 811
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 811

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