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Event: Charter-witnessing, LeaseS1273 - Ealhhun 2 leasing land to Æthelwulf 16 & Wulfthryth 1

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Description Alhwine (Ealhhun 2), bishop of Worcester, to Æthelwulf 16, dux, and Wulfthryth 1, his wife; lease, for their lives, of 11 hides (cassati) at Cutsdean, Gloucs., and at Sture (? Alderminster, Worcs.), with reversion to the church of Worcester
Year 855
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Date from Source 855


In the name of the Lord. Surely those things, which should be arranged by the wise and prudent and even by pontiffs and proceres as salutary and necessary, ought to be written in letter characters and in sure signs of schedules and noted, lest perchance the science of philosophers and stoics should pass into oblivion. Wherefore, I, Ealhwine, by the grace of God set to preside over the province of the Hwiccii, and my brotherhood (familia) in the city of Worcester, - we will give to Æthelwulf, ealdorman, and his wife, Wulfthryth, the land of 11 cassati in 2 places, that is Cutsdean and at Sture, and we have assigned these lands to them for their lives on condition that they hold themselves reconciled and allied to the city of Worcester as well during life as afterwards, together with their bodies and all their best goods which they may have, if God should have fore-ordained that they stay in this country on this side of the sea; and they have also procured it with this object that the aforesaid princeps Æthelwulf should with right friendship and good zeal without fraud so guard the liberties of that church in Worcester and of the monasteries which belong to it as long as his life shall last, and that he should never either destroy or diminish it nor conspire [against it] with any other younger men of his, and that Æthelwulf, dux, may have this thing confirmed to the bishop and his brotherhood with his pledge on the books of the 4 gospels of Christ and under the pledge of the loaves of God that he should so guard it firmly. And after he and his wife shall have gone the way of their fathers that the aforesaid lands shall come back to the cæstre [Worcester] without any obstacle together with all the goods that they may have there. And if it should so happen, as we hope it will not, that anyone should by diabolical teaching presume to break this, let the bishop and his brotherhood be free to enjoy fully their own land as it may seem good to them. Peace and happiness be to those who agree to and keep this precept of ours here and in the future, but as to those who contradict or diminish it – may eternal vengeance or destruction reach them, unless they shall first have made amend here to God and men with satisfaction. The charter of this gift was passed in the year of the Incarnation of Christ DCCCLV, the third indiction, in the metropolis which is called Worcester.

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