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Event: Agreement, Charter-witnessingS1440 - agreement between Ceolred 3 and Wulfred 8

Scholarly Info
Description Agreement between Abbot Ceolred 3 and the community at Medeshamstede, and Wulfred 8, concerning land at Sempringham, Sleaford, Lincs.; Forde; Cheal, Lincs.; and at Lehcotum
Year 852
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 852


Abbot Ceolred and the community at Medeshamstede grant to Wulfred the estate at Sempringham on these terms, that he shall hold it and enjoy it as long as he lives, and one heir after him, and every year 60 fothers of wood [shall be given] to the monastery from the wood at Horne, and 12 fothers of brushwood and 6 fothers of faggots. And we grant him this estate in order that he may enjoy the full freedom of the estate at Sempringham and at Sleaford in perpetuity. And the lord of the church of Medeshamstede shall enjoy the estate at Sleaford, and Wulfred that at Sempringham, and every year he shall render to Medeshamstede 2 casks of clear ale and 2 cattle for slaughter and 600 loaves and 10 mittan of Welsh ale; and to the lord of the church he shall render every year a horse and 30 shillings, and supply him with one day’s food-rent – 15 mittan of clear ale and 5 mittan of Welsh ale and 15 sesters of mild ale. And always all their life they shall be humble and obedient and submissive, and after the death of both of them, the estate shall be freely given back to the church of Medeshamstede. And we grant him this with the open land, woodland and fen which belong to it. When the lives of both of them are ended, 20 hides shall be given to the community for their refectory, and 12 hides of land at Forde and at Cheal to the lord of the church. And Wulfred was supplied with 2 hies of land at Lehcotum for such of his heirs as were most nearly related to him, to be freely granted to Wulfred’s kin, as the other was to the church. This has been done in the year of the incarnation of the Lord 852 and in the fifteenth indiction.

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