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[Image: Excerpt from the Domesday Book]
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Event: Charter-witnessing, Grant and Gift, Lease, Property-exchangingS218 - Æthelred 1 selling privileges to Berkeley Abbey and leasing land to Cynewulf 11

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Description (a) Æthelred 1, ealdorman of Mercia, with the consent of King Alfred 8 and the whole Mercian witan, to Berkeley Abbey; grant of privileges in exchange for 12 hides at Stoke Bishop, Gloucs., and 30 gold mancuses. (b) Æthelred 1, ealdorman, to Cynewulf 11, son of Ceoluht 1; lease, for three lives, of the land at Stoke Bishop, with reversion to the bishopric of Worcester 1
Year 883
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Date from Source 883


... Wherefore, I Æthelred, by the inspiring grace of God, endowed and exalted with some part of the realm of the Mercians, for the love of God and for the forgiveness of my guilt and sin, and on account of the prayers of the Abbot and family at Berkeley, and also on behalf of all Mercia, I free them in perpetuity from the tribute which they needs must still pay into the King's hands, from the part which was still left unfreed, from the duty of rendering provision for the King both in clear ale, and in beer, honey, cattle, swine and sheep. And this I did on account of their sacred prayers, and also because they have given up to me a part of their land in perpetual possession - that is to say, 12 hides at Stoke; and 30 mancuses of gold they have also given me. And that I free the Minster from all the payments which belong to the Lord of the people, little or great, known and unknown, except payments due to others, and fortification work, war service, bridge work; and this I do with the leave and knowledge of King Alfred, and with that of all the witan of the Mercians, both spiritual and temporal. And now moreover, I grant that same land at Stoke, which is 12 hides, for 3 lives to Cynulf, son of Ceoluht, for 60 mancuses of pure gold to set it free from all things as against king, ealdorman or reeeve, from every service except war service, fortification work, and bridge work, and payment fur to others, and naught shall be due as fine outside (the district). And we command that no man [whether English or foreigner] despoil Ceoluht of it in any matters during his life, because he has deserved it from the lords of the Mercians by true humility. And now we command in the name of God Almighty that the above-mentioned freedom of the Minster at Berkeley, and also the grant of the land which we make to Cynulf for 3 lives, remain uninjured forever, on this condition that after Cynulf's [time and that of] his 2 heirs that 12 hides at Stoke be given without contradiction to the Bishopstool at Worcester in perpetual alms for the good of Ealdorman Æthelred and of all the Mercians. Also we pray and intreat in the Name of the Holy Trinity that if any man there be who with evil wills …

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