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Event: Agreement, Charter-witnessing, Property-transactingS1441 - agreement between Wærfrith 6 and Æthelwald 31

Scholarly Info
Description Record of an agreement between Wærfrith 6, bishop of Worcester, and Æthelwald 31 concerning woodland at Woodchester, Bisley, Avening, Gloucs.; and at Scorranstone (? Sherston, Wilts.) and Thornbyrig (? Thornbury, Gloucs.) and swine-pasture at Longridge, Gloucs
Year 896
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Date from Source 896


Then Bishop Wærfrith 6 informed the council that he had been robbed of nearly all the woodland belonging to Woodchester, which King Æthelbald 4 had given to Worcester, [handing it over] to Bishop Wilfrid 5 for mastland and woodland, and as a perpetual gift for the good of his own soul. And Wærfrith 6 said that part of it had been abstracted at Bisley, part at Avening, part at Scorranstan and part at Thornbury, as far as he knew. Then all the council declared that justice should be done to that church as well as to [any] other. Thereupon, Æthelwald 31 said that he would not dispute the claim, and stated that Ealdberht 22 and Bishop Ealhhun 2 had formerly been occupied with this very matter; and he added that he was always ready to accede to the claims of every church to the best of his ability (?), and so very generously restored it to the bishop. And he ordered his geneat, whose name was Ecglaf 4, to ride with a priest from Worcester, Wulfhun 2 by name; and Ecglaf 4 led Wulfhun 2 along all the boundaries, as Wulfhun 2 read out from the old charters, how they had been determined of old by the grant of King Æthelbald 4. Then, however, Æthelwald 31 requested of the bishop and the community, that they would graciously allow him to have the use of the land as long as he lived, and also Ealhmund 22 his son; and they would hold it on lease of the bishop and the community; and neither he nor his son would ever deprive the bishop of the swine-pasture at Longridge, which he had granted him for as long as God should give it to him. And Æthelwald 31 then declared that whosoever held this land would hold it under God's displeasure, except it be the lord of the church, to whom he had given it, with a reservation in favour of Ealhmund 22; and this reservation, moreover, was to stand only for as long as Ealhmund 22 maintained the friendship which his father had had with the bishop. If, however, it should come to pass that Ealhmund 22 would not maintain his friendship, or if there should be proved against him a charge which disqualified him from holding land, or thirdly, if he died before [his father], then the lord of the church should take possession of his estate, as the Mercian council declared in this assembly, and as the charters of the estate directed him (or them). This was done with the cognisance of Ealdorman Æthelred 1 and of Æthelflæd, and of Ealdorman Æthelwulf, Ealdorman Æthelfrith 3, Ealdorman Ealhhelm 5, Eadnoth 2, Alfred 11 and Wærfrith 6, and of the priest Æthelwald 31, and his own kinsmen Æthelstan 12 and Æthelhun 14, and also of Ealhmund 22 his own son. And the following are the boundaries that the priest from Worcester rode over, and Æthelwald 31's geneat with him. First to Gemythleg, and then to Rodborough itself, then to Smececumb, then to Sengetleg, then to Heardanleg, otherwise called Dryganleg, and so to the lesser Næglesleg and then to Æthelfrith's land. In this manner, Æthelwald's man showed him the boundaries, as the old charters directed and indicated to him.

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