The co-directors and technical director wish to acknowledge the generous financial, practical and tactical support provided by the AHRB/AHRC, and also the help and guidance of their staff, especially Jill Mustard.

We wish to thank the members of our International Advisory Committee for their wisdom and constructive criticism: Janet Bately (King’s College London), Nicholas Brooks (Birmingham), James Campbell (Oxford), Gillian Fellows-Jensen (Copenhagen), Dieter Geuenich (Duisburg), Helmut Gneuss (Munich), Hans-Werner Goetz (Hamburg), Mechtild Gretsch (Göttingen), and the late Patrick Wormald (Oxford). The committee was augmented for ‘PASE 2’ by the addition of David Bates (London, now UEA), Chris Lewis (London) and Ann Williams (London).

We are very grateful, too, to those postgraduate students at Cambridge and in London, Sally Lamb, Eleonora Litta, Peter Stokes and David Woodman, whose help was invaluable in ensuring we met PASE 1’s deadline. We owe particular thanks to those scholars in Cambridge who supported PASE 1 in various ways: Mark Blackburn (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), for guidance on coins, and Rory Naismith who reviewed and enhanced the ENC coin data to facilitate its integration with PASE; David Dumville (Cambridge, now Aberdeen), for guidance on some Celtic sources; and above all Michael Lapidge (Notre Dame, now Cambridge), who allowed us to use his draft translations of several Anglo-Latin works in advance of their publication.

At the same time, we acknowledge with gratitude those colleagues from a wide range of disciplines engaged with Anglo-Saxon England who attended the annual colloquia of PASE 1 and PASE 2 and gave us the benefit and stimulus of their scholarly criticism and support: Lesley Abrams, Martin Allen, Julia Barrow, David Bates, Mark Blackburn, John Blair, Julia Crick, Katy Cubitt, Sarah Foot, Malcolm Godden, Guy Halsall, Jane Hawkes, John Higgett, Nick Higham, John Hines, Carole Hough, Charlie Insley, Susan Irvine, Rohini Jayatilaka, Michael Jeffreys, Joy Jenkyns, Katherine Keats-Rohan, Susan Kelly, Ryan Lavelle, Chris Lewis, Clare Lees, Sean Miller, David Parsons, Jane Roberts, David Rollason, Lynda Rollason, Rebecca Rushforth, Toni Scharer, Don Scragg, Elina Screen, Peter Stokes, Jo Story, Alan Thacker, Hugh Thomas, Andrew Wareham, Ann Williams, and Leslie Webster. Thanks too to Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi, and to Bea Caballero, Camille Desenclos, Jamie Norrish, Charlotte Tupman and Miguel Vieira, who helped edit PASE in its final weeks. Nor shall we forget the fruit salad and ice-cream provided by Trinity College, Cambridge, or its mulled wine and mince pies, with which we ushered in the Christmas Season each year from 2000 to 2008. We are very grateful to administrative colleagues, at Cambridge - Claire Daunton (Faculty of English), and Laura Hill (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic) - and at King’s - Helen Skundric and Sarah Davenport (CCH), and Laura Clayton (Department of History) - for making some rough places smooth. Last but not least, we thank scholars in a number of universities who are working on related large-scale projects for sharing their expertise and enthusiasm. They include colleagues on the Prosopography of the Byzantine World, the Clergy of the Church of England Database, and the Durham Liber Vitae project.

We are grateful to John Palmer, Caroline Thorn and Frank Thorn for assistance in connection with the Domesday place-name and National Grid Reference dataset, drawn from the Domesday Explorer ARHC Project Data; and to Nicolay Yakovlev (Oxford), for his assistance in merging this dataset with Domesday database compiled by the PASE 2 research team.

We also gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Addy Pope of EDINA for help and guidance in compiling the base maps used for PASE Domesday. The base maps comprise maps of the shires and parishes of England, Scotland and Wales in 1851. This data was obtained online through the EDINA UKBORDERS website, was compiled with the support of the ESRC and JISC, and uses Kain and Oliver historic boundary material which is copyright of the AHDS History [University of Essex], Humphrey Southall, Nick Burton and the University of Portsmouth.

The PASE website was hosted and maintained by the generosity of King’s College London until 2024. We gratefully acknowledge Pamela Mellon, Elliott Hall and Neil Jakeman of King’s Digital Lab for the patience and skill with which they maintained the resource throughout this period.

In 2022, the John Fell Oxford University Press Research Fund supported a project to construct a new web interface for PASE and to migrate the website onto servers maintained by the History Faculty at the University of Oxford. This project was directed by Stephen Baxter (St Peter’s College, Oxford) and Pamela Mellon (King’s Digital Lab), with the support of Edward Rendell (Oxford University History faculty), Elliott Hall and Neil Jakeman (King’s Digital Lab); the software engineering was undertaken by Michael Allaway.